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Feasibility Study for the Creation and Implementation of a Regional Civil Aviation Academy in Central Africa (ECCAS)


Communauté Economique des Etats d'Afrique Centrale


ECCAS Countries




In progress


In Central Africa and despite the significant efforts undertaken as part of several initiatives, including the adoption and implementation of a 2008/2015 action plan pertaining to improving air transportation, the development of a Community Civil Aviation Code in 2012, the adoption of the Abuja Declaration on Aviation Safety and the strategic objectives of ICAO and AFCAC, a number of weaknesses are still existing in the sector, in particular in terms of management and safety. The assignment deals with the development of a business plan for the creation of a regional civil aviation academy for ECCAS member countries in response to these issues. The aim of this academy is to reinforce stakeholders capacities in air transportation in Central Africa, through staff training in various activities of the aeronautics sector.


  • Assessment analysis, identification of training needs
  • Multicriteria analysis and site selection, project description
  • Training programs and target population
  • Institutional mechanisms and legal/functional aspects
  • Investment plan, financing sources and implementation plan
  • Economic evaluation, management evaluation and certification