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Our tools

Our latest technological advancement is the introduction of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology for building design. BIM creates a smart 3D digital mock-up to aid us in making the best design and project coordination decisions. It is a series of processes or working methods used throughout the design, construction and occupation phases. The BIM model defines who does what, how and when.

Beginning in the 1980s, STUDI has strived to be at the forefront of technological innovations in the engineering field. Today our production teams utilize the following programs:

  • Ground transportation infrastructure: our engineers and technicians use Bentley software for the design of road projects and for engineering structures (GeoMacao, Powercivil, RM Bridge, ALIZE, FOXTA and TALREN),
  • Energy: Neplan (electricity and gas) for distribution networks in the energy sector and Jove for mechanical studies of overhead power lines,
  • Hydraulics: Hammer, WaterCad, Mike hydro basin
  • Buildings MEP: Caneco LV/HV and Fauconnet FISA software for heating and air conditioning,
  • Construction: REVIT,
  • All teams are equipped with a data center which contains the latest technology and which is maintained in line with international standards of performance, safety and continuity of service.

In metrology, STUDI has its own equipment and makes it available to teams working abroad:

  • Total station,
  • DGPS positioning system,
  • Portable dual frequency CVM echo sounder,
  • Mobile GPS,
  • Craft for hydrographic and bathymetric drilling,
  • Axle weights,
  • Functional diagnostics equipment for pressure networks.

In addition to design software, STUDI provides its engineers and technicians with:

  • Collaborative tools based on web technology,
  • Electronic document management,
  • Project planning and management tools adapted to the needs of clients (Primavera, MS Project, Teamgantt),
  • All the modern tools needed for effective communication between employees, customers and partners.