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Vision & Values

Our ambition is to become the African leader in engineering by helping our clients and partners achieve their development goals, while providing our employees a framework for their personal development.

Human Capital

Human capital is our main asset. STUDI focuses its concerns on the growth, development and evolution of its staff through the implementation of personalized career and development programs. Working in an international environment, diversity is also one of the values to which we adhere and we are constantly trying to integrate professionals with different skills and personalities into our teams.


STUDI is permanently striving to respect its commitments and principles. Professional integrity is an essential component of our ethics, designed to promote honesty and integrity in our relationships with our customers and partners, the public and our competitors.

Regional Commitment

STUDI operates mainly in Africa and we carry out our services by advocating sustainable solutions to our customers while ensuring compliance with environmental and social regulations. Particular attention is paid to the interests of local communities both in the studies we carry out and in the work projects we supervise.