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Feasibility Study of Operations Plan, Development Plan and Construction of Industrial Platforms in Kimpese, Lukula and Tshela in the Province of Central Kongo


La Cellule d'Exécution des Financements en Faveur des Etats Fragiles (CFEF)


RD of Congo




In progress


This project, launched on behalf of the execution and financing unit for fragile states, is part of the support to the development project of the West Growth Pole, financed to the tune of 110 million US dollars by the World Bank. This contract pertains to the implementation process of industrial platforms in Central Kongo, in particular in Kimpese, Lukula and Tshela. This project aims to build and equip technical centers offering shared services in the processing of agricultural products in three main sectors and other diversified sectors, with warehousing and parking facilities. Other plans include the construction and equipment of craft workshops for the supply of raw and semi-processed products to factories. The objectives are to create jobs in these communities and increase the productivity and the income of nearly 50,000 farmers including around 40% of women.


  • Confirm the choice of the selected agro-industrial sectors through value chain assessment study
  • Confirm market potential identified during project preparation
  • Define technological choices of processing methods
  • Determine financial profitability of pre-investment
  • Suggest an appropriate management model
  • Site development plan and platform construction