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Review of Architectural, Technical and Process Design and Supervision of Turnkey Construction Works of the Djermaya Industrial Complex of Ruminants


Ministère du Développement Pastorale et de Production Animale






In progress


The industrial complex of Djermaya will include a 10,000 livestock heads capacity park and a modern slaughterhouse with a capacity of 70,000 tons of meat per year and will be able to process 1,500 bovines, 3,000 sheep and goats and 500 dromedaries per day. It also includes a processing unit for meat by-products (blood, bone and horn), an organic waste treatment system (for fish farming and fertilizers) and a modern tannery for leather and skin processing. This unit will enable Chad to promote its livestock, the main national resource (50% of GDP) and to generate 200 skilled jobs and 5,000 direct and indirect jobs in the operation phase.
The overall cost of the project is 37 billion 800 million FCFA (about 74 million dollars), co-financed by BDEAC and a technical partner, Turkish group TANA.


  • Review of contractual documents of execution drawings (industrial, architectural and technical, site conditions and utilities) proposed by TANA Group
  • Review and approval of architectural and technical industrial process
  • Works management and supervision
  • Management of equipment and arrangements related to the industrial process, on-site commissioning
  • Assistance with project commissioning
  • Assistance with start of operation and management of the one-year warranty period